They seldom show Him with a smile.

Always His face is sad to see,

As if a jest could never be,

Nor He be merry for a while.

The kindly humor that could pat

The brows of boys He chanced to see

And say: "Let children come to me!"

No brush has ever painted that!

The man who loved a little child

And walked the common ways of men,

Though troubled often, now and then

With those about Him, surely smiled.

I fancy as I read His word

I hear Him chuckling, soft and sweet,

Telling to Mary, at His feet,

Some curious thing Hed seen or heard.

He must have had a twinkling eye,

Which danced at times with gentle mirth,

So greatly to be loved on earth,

So bravely on the cross to die.

By Edgar Guest

Thank you Lin

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