I had the entire world-wide web
but felt lonely as could be.
The Almighty saw, and heard my plea,
and Providence recruited for me.

He must have had all His heavenly angels
look for ďmy friend-to-beĒ.
They chose a true-champion, dependable and true
someone I didnít even see.

Time has passed but since our first note -
we email every day.
Youíre a buddy, a mate, a confidante;
hold me up in your own special way.

You never judge, but give me a nudge;
thereís not much we cannot share.
I know your life isnít easy
but youíre always there to care.

I pray you feel Iím there for you
when youíve had a really rough day.
I hear, I read between the lines;
try to encourage with what I say.

Distance is measured in miles -
but miles canít keep true-friends apart;
Friendship is measured in little things
shared in a soul-mateís heart.

©Joan Adams Burchell
August 13, 2005

This poem is very special to me and I will always treasure it and your friendship Joan. Thank you!

 Here's a quote for you that expresses our friendship much better than I can.

"Heart Friends"

We are drawn to each other as if by some mystical force. We recognize each other at once. We are sisters of the spirit, who understand each other instinctively.

We speak the same language, we have come together in a special moment of time, and the sense of union we feel will last throughout eternity.

Marjorie Holmes


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Midi is, The Power of Love

True friendship IS a powerful love