I wrote this poem quite a few years ago and have been a little hesitant about posting it here on the site. I was afraid I might offend someone by what I say about our flag. I thank God every day that I was born in this great country. I love my flag and country but not as much as I love my God. So, I do not apologize for what I say about our flag. Perhaps you may have noticed before September, 11, 2001 our flag did not get the respect it deserves. And even now, I am sorry to say, it still does not. There is a ceremony that goes with the raising and lowering of our flag. It was not meant to fly out in the elements all year around until it is faded and torn beyond recognition. But our flag is not what the poem is all about, so I will leave for you to decide for yourself.



We sing of freedom throughout this land

and wave Old Glory. For what does it stand?

What is freedom when one man can say

no longer in school may our children pray?

What is freedom when one man can rule

do not speak of God in school?

We sing of races, colors and creeds,

but what of all the unworthy deeds

by men who rule with iron hands,

the laws for which our freedom stands.

We go on Sunday to sing Godís praise

but what about the other six days?

Weíre killing unborn babies, practicing greed,

planting in our children hatreds seed.

Weíve removed God as head of our nation,

replaced prayer in school with sex education.

We pledge our allegiance to a flag,

a piece of cloth, a tattered rag,

representing our nation thatís in decay

because morals got in our way.

This nation was founded on Godís Holy Word!

Letís stand up and let our voices be heard!

Itís time to give God back His rule,

teach His commandments in every school.

Teach that weíre all brothers under the skin,

that God loves us all, and maybe then

we can truly sing, wave banners unfurled,

sing Godís praises and save our world.

By Lora Cox ©2002

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