Traveling on lifeís weary road

There walked a man with a heavy load.

Up and down the shores of Galilee,

From Bethlehemís crib to Calvary.

He bore that load for you and me.

What will I say when He calls my name?

Will I turn and hide my face in shame?

And I might ask the same of you;

Will He look and say; "You I never knew.

You never listened to my words so true.

For you I suffered all your pain.

For you I gave my life in vain;

One simple thing is all I sought,

That you accept the message that I taught.

But alas; I see it was for naught."

Oh, how our souls will cry in pain

For weíll never have the chance again,

To live with the angels on every hand

And walk with Jesus in the Promised Land.

So listen now, and obey His commands.

Then on the day He calls your name,

Youíll not hear Him say; "I died in vain."

But with a voice so gentle and mild

Heíll say; "Welcome home my faithful child,

Your name, in the book of life Iíve filed."

By Lora Cox ©2002


Thank you my dear friend for making this beautiful background set for me. I love it and you too.

Sorry to say G&G Designs no longer exists

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