Come look out my window and see what I see,

Two little birds, playing up in a tree.

Wish I could get out and catch me one,

Outside looks like so much fun.

The leaves fly by all in a race

Bet I could give them a merry ole chase.

And there! In the grass;

somethingís hopping around,

I could sneak up on it, down low to the ground.

But Iím stuck here inside with nothing to do

Except to play with a toy or two.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I think Iíll go find my ladyís lap,

Sheíll rub my ears and Iíll have a nice nap.

I can dream that Iím out there chasing mice

Or staking a squirrel, that would be nice.

But, really, Iím happy, here where itís warm

For outside, I could come to some harm.

So Iíll just lay here and turn on my purr

To show my lady Iím content with her.

The things we wish for

arenít always what they seem,

Sometimes, weíre better off, just to dream.

By Lora Cox ©2001

This poem has been published by The International Poetry Society

Thank you Nathan


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