From out of the blue they seem to twirl,

 Dancing, laughing, sighing, all in a whirl.

Just before dawn while the world lies sleeping

Or in shadows of night, they come, softly creeping.


They come from a flower bathed in mornings first light,

The stars in the heavens, or a bird taking flight.

They rise, as on wings of butterflies,

Flash, like lightening in stormy skies.


They come from a feeling, a smile or a tear.

Words, wonderful words, whispering in my ear.

They come in dreams or something someone has said,

Write it down! Write it down! Cries a voice in my head.


With pen in hand, down the page they rhyme.

A poem appears. They rest, until another time.

But now I am busy, for I want you to see it,

 I look for a background and pray, "Oh let this be It."


Then I copy and paste it into "view"

And post it here on my page, just for you.

I hope you enjoyed my little rhyme

And like the words, come back to visit another time.

Lora Cox