Hi, my name is Lora. Actually itís Lora Belle

 I used to hate my name when I was a youngster. 

I thought it sounded so old fashioned and I got a lot of teasing from the boys. They called me, door bell, ding a ling.

But now that I am older and wiser, ( I like to think ) I have come to the conclusion that it doesnít matter what your name is as long as you wear it with dignity and live so that it will be written in the Lambs Book of Life.

I was born on March 5, 1933 in a one-room cabin in the small coal-mining town of Connellsville, Missouri.

Fourteen months later my mother passed away and her mother, at the age of 62, took my brother, aged 5, and myself to Arkansas to live with her and my grandfather in another small coal mining town.

Iím not only a coal minerís daughter; Iím a granddaughter, niece and cousin. I come from a long line of coal miners.

I came to Southern Indiana when I was eighteen, met my husband Richard at the age of twenty-two and we celebrated our golden wedding anniversary on April 30th of 2005.

We have two wonderful sons and daughters-in-law, two equally wonderful grandsons and one beautiful granddaughter.

 We also have a sweet little dog named Buddy. He is our Angel Dog.

I grew up reading Longfellow, Tennyson and all the ďGrand Old Masters,Ē but it wasnít until I was in my early thirties that the Lord blessed me with the gift of writing.

I am able to have this site only through the grace of God and much help from my son John who has the patience of a saint and taught me and gave me much encouragement. Thank you my dear son.

I write poems and short stories, just for the fun of it, I donít profess to be a writer, although I have been fortunate enough to have some poems and stories published. I hope you will read what I have written and that you enjoy it.

I have dedicated my site to the glory of God because He has had His hand on me from a very early age and it is hard for me to express my love for Him in words. The tears flow like Niagara Falls and I canít talk when I am crying. It's also pretty hard to write. *S*

I have also dedicated a portion of my site to my grandparents and my beautiful Aunt Eva, all who had a hand in raising me. If it were not for them in my life, only God knows who or where I would be today.

Most of my stories are about the way I was raised by those beautiful people.

I had a glorious childhood. I wish that every child in the world could have as loving memories of childhood as I do.

I pray that as you stroll through my site you will find a blessing. Or a laugh. But then what is laughter but a blessing.


I need to add a little to this. I put this site up just a few days before Christmas 2001. It is now March 14, 2002. I asked the Lord to give someone a blessing from this site that I dedicated to Him. I just want everyone to know that I am the one who has been blessed. I had no idea when I put this site up that there were so many beautiful sites spreading God's love. I have met so many wonderful people here and made many, many friends. I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart and I thank the good Lord for each and everyone of you. May God bless you always.



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