A Little Boy Named John

John was such a small boy for his age. Some people may have called him puny. Sickly looking. He had big red circles under his hazel eyes that matched the red of his hair and he was very thin.

Oh, but you know you canít judge people by their looks.

John was a very active little boy. So active that he rarely slept the night through.

When he was seven years old he wanted a red wagon more than anything, so his parents bought him one for Christmas. He pulled that wagon around constantly.

Now, Johnís favorite color was Orange. He just thought everything should be Orange.

One day his mother was washing dishes, watching him from the kitchen window.

John pulled his wagon up onto the back porch and came inside.

"Mom, is it true God can do anything?" he asked.

"Yes, God can do anything He wants to." she replied.

"Well, Iím going to ask Him to turn my wagon Orange." he said.

He went back to the porch, took the handle of the wagon in one hand, looked up at the sky and talked to God.

His mother, watching from the window said a prayer also. "Oh please, Lord, donít destroy his faith."

John looked at his wagon, which was still red, then came inside.

"Oh well, I guess He just didnít want to." he said.

"Well, you know, replied his mother, all wagons are supposed to be red and God knows that. If He turned yours Orange, it would be the only one and all your friends would probably laugh at you for having an Orange wagon. Just remember that God always knows what is best. If He doesnít answer your prayers, itís for your own good. Sometimes we want things we would be better off without."

John thought a lot about God when he was a little boy. Now he has grown into a man. His hair is streaked with gray, heís put on weight and no one can call him puny anymore.

I know he still talks to God. I know because I am his mother and I am very proud of him.

I wrote this story for a little boy I write to. His name is Jacob and he is bipolar. He is nine years old and has tried to kill himself on several occasions.

They did an article on him in the paper and he promised to write to everyone who sent him a self addressed, stamped envelope.

So, I wrote to him and asked if he knew the story of Jacob in the Bible. He wrote back and said yes he had heard the story.

I was thinking about my son when he was little and thanked God I had normal kids ( well fairly normal, anyway). so this is a true story about my son John. I sent it to Jacob.

They did an up date on Jacob, he received hundreds of letters.

Jacob lives with his mother who is a single parent and works as a nursing assistant. She lives in fear when she is away from Jacob. His medication is very expensive and it is hard for her to make ends meet. When you say your prayers, will you please remember Jacob and his mother. Thank you.

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