ALMOND JOY could not keep his eyes off of Miss PEPPERMINT PATTY. He thought she was a BIT-O-HONEY, but he SCORED a ZERO with her because she had eyes only for PETER PAUL MOUNDS. They were so in love. In fact, they decided to run off to the MILKY WAY to get married by the Reverend O’HENRY.

ALMOND JOY was feeling pretty low because of PEPPERMINT PATTY’S rejection, so he decided to drown his troubles at the KIT KAT club, have a few ROOTBEERS and watch the RAISINETTES dance. He took his best friends, the THREE MUSKETEERS with him.

Well, it wasn’t long before he spied Miss CANDY CANE sitting at the HEATH BAR and he thought she looked as sweet as DIVINITY but so did a few others at the bar. It looked like trouble was brewing GOOD AND PLENTY but CANDY CANE had taken a shine to ALMOND JOY and began showering him with CANDY KISSES. He thought he had hit PAYDAY.

Meanwhile, a fight broke out between the THREE MUSKETEERS and the LEMONHEADS over one of the RAISINETTES. Things got pretty wild. The THREE MUSKETEERS got the LEMONHEADS in a headlock and had them in a CRUNCH. After a few SNICKERS from the bar, the fight was over. ALMOND JOY told the THREE MUSKETEERS they were LIFESAVERS.

Now this story has a happy ending. PEPPERMINT PATTY and PETER PAUL MOUNDS became the proud parents of BABY RUTH, a real sweetie. ALMOND JOY asked CANDY CANE for her hand in marriage. She said, “yes.”

At the wedding, ALMOND JOY dropped the ring three times. He had BUTTERFINGERS (he was so nervous). The THREE MUSKETEERS hooked up with the RAISINETTES and made peace with the LEMONHEADS. The LEMONHEADS found love with the SPICE DROPS, a new group starring at the KIT KAT club. Everyone was happy!!!!

I conclude my story by saying, “Love makes the world go round----How sweet it is!”

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