Charles Proposed


When I was eight years old my boyfriend Charles asked me to marry him when we grew up. I said, "Yes!" I thought he was the cutest boy in all the world. He had black hair and eyes and the sweetest smile. I loved him to death and we had known each other all our lives.

We set about making plans. He would get a job with the WPA and we would live in my playhouse.

My playhouse was converted from a small, one room smoke house where my grandfather used to smoke the hogs he slaughtered. After he quit raising hogs he lined the walls with shelves and my grandmother used it to store her canned goods and her famous homemade Blackberry and Grape wines.

When I asked if I could use it for a playhouse, she thought it was a brilliant idea. She cleared a bottom shelf and gave me some old dishes, a small table and a cot. She also gave me an old quilt, some dish towels and a broom.

All Charles and I needed were a stove and ice box and we would be set but we had plenty of time.

Of course when my brother and our friends found out about our plans, we were teased unmercifully.

Charles and I were in the same class at school. Our teacher decided to have everyone put on a talent show. She wanted each child to contribute something whether it be, reading a poem, telling a story, singing or dancing, etc.

We decided to sing a song as we were always singing together anyway. Charles had a beautiful voice, mine wasnít bad and we harmonized.

We chose the song, Dark Eyes. ( You have to be old to remember that one ) We practiced until we had it perfect and thought we were good.

The day of the talent show came, our teacher announced that Charles and I would sing Dark Eyes.

We stood up before the class, I opened my mouth to sing and nothing came out. I stood there with a red face and open mouth while Charles did a solo, constantly giving me little elbow jabs and dirty looks.

We moved away when I was ten. Charles fell in love with someone else. He remained in the area, married the someone else and became a mail carrier for the postal service. He also sang tenor with a local gospel group called, The Redeemers.

A golden memory form childhood.

By Lora Cox 2001


Charles, age 10

Cute huh?