A Hard Lesson Learned

I have heard it said that we donít remember events that happen to us at a very early age. Thatís not true.

I know I had to be under the age of five because the event took place in my grandmothers house that burned to the ground when I was five.

It was a large two story house and my grand parents rented the upstairs to an elderly woman and her daughter. The daughters name was Dolly.

I loved Dolly with all my heart and know I must have made a pest of myself because I was always sneaking up to visit.

I loved to watch Dolly put on her make-up. I was fascinated by the Maybelline. It was in the late thirties and Maybelline came in a little flat, red box that pulled out on one end to reveal a tiny brush on one side and a long cake of Maybelline on the other. You had to wet the brush and rub it along the cake before applying it.

One day as I was watching her, I told her I sure wished I had some make-up. She told me hers was about gone and it was time to get more and when she did, she would give me what she had left.

So, I waited and waited patiently and one day I noticed that she had bought more but she didnít give me the old. So, when she wasnít looking, I took it.

Well, my grandmother caught me with it and asked where I got it. I told her of Dollyís promise to give it to me when she got new and she had got new.

"But did she give it to you?" my grandmother asked.

I said, "No".

"Well, young lady, you are giving it back". and without further ado, she marched me up the stairs and knocked on the door.

Dolly answered the door and my grandmother asked if she had given me the make-up.

Dolly looked surprised and said, no but she had promised to give it to me if my grandmother didnít mind.

" I wouldnít have minded if she had waited for you to give it to her, but now she has broken one of Godís commandments and she canít have it." Then looking down at me she continued, "Give the make-up back to Dolly and tell her you are sorry and ashamed of yourself."

My heart was broken, not only because I couldnít have the make-up but because I had done something bad against God and angered my grandmother and I thought Dolly wouldnít like me anymore.

I learned a hard lesson very early in life and I remember it quite well.

A golden memory from childhood,

 By Lora Cox © 2001