A LIFE IN SONG- Part Three



After reading your letter, I was ALMOST PERSUADED to go flying back to you but three of my old school chums, AMANDA, LAURA and LUCILLE asked me to go on a weeks vacation down in the RED RIVER VALLEY . Lauraís cousin, TOM DOOLEY has a Dude Ranch there. So we took the NIGHT TRAIN TO GEORGIA, then hopped the CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO. It was a SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY.

Tom met us at the station and I canít REMEMBER, WHERE OR WHEN Iíve ever met such a handsome man. He brought each of us an ORCHID. I canít say it was love at first sight but there was an instant rapportí between the two of us and I felt like I was floating over ole ROCKY TOP , ON THE WINGS OF A DOVE.

It was CHERRY PINK AND APPLE BLOSSOM TIME and we strolled hand in hand down COUNTRY ROADS. Everyday he picked a WILDWOOD FLOWER for me.

One night he dressed up like a RHINESTONE COWBOY and took me to the State Fair. He filled me up on TUTTI FRUTTI ice cream and I got a lot of SATISFACTION from it. ALEXANDERS RAG TIME BAND played NEAR YOU and we were DANCING CHEEK TO CHEEK. He held me close WHISPERING in my ear that he could WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS with me. Then he said, will you BE MY LOVE for I love you BODY AND SOUL.

That stirred something DEEP IN MY HEART and I heard the sound of DISTANT DRUMS. I told him, THE PARTYíS OVER, THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKINí and Iím going back to John.

Iíll be leaving on the ORANGE BLOSSOM SPECIAL on Monday. I have HIGH HOPES that you can meet me SOMEWHERE ALONG THE WAY. Maybe you can MEET ME IN ST. LOUIE or DETROIT CITY. YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE, MY ONE TRUE LOVE and I canít wait to be CLOSE TO YOU.



By Lora Cox 2001