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When I was about four or five my grandmother had caps put on my shoes because I ran the heels over. It was called a curse I inherited from my dadís side of the family. I thought the caps were great and I went around everywhere pretending to tap dance.

My grandfather was in the attic one day, doing some repairs and my brother and I were up there with him. There was a square hole in the floor in one of the corners. I am not sure about this but I think there was once a chimney there and it had a large sheet of cardboard tacked down covering it.

My brother said, " Why donít you get on there and pretend itís your stage?"

I thought that was a brilliant idea and stepped gingerly on to the cardboard. The next thing I knew, I was falling down into the room below.

My grandmother had a large console radio in the corner of that room and she was sitting there listening to it. I went crashing to the floor behind the radio screaming to the top of my lungs. Grandmother didnít know what was happening.

My grandfather and brother came running down and helped to get me out. Luckily I had no broken bones and only a few bruises.

My brother said he didnít know I would fall and I believed him. I donít think he would have deliberately hurt me for anything but he caught heck anyway.


My brother and I were playing in my bedroom one day and he talked me in to going in the kitchen and getting a left over biscuit for him.

I went into the kitchen and to the counter where grandmother had the biscuits wrapped in waxed paper and took one. She heard me and asked what I was doing. I told her I wanted a biscuit. She told me I couldnít have one because it was to close to lunch time and it would spoil my appetite. So, I went back and told my brother that I had got caught. A few minutes later, he talked me into trying again. I went back to the kitchen, got the biscuit and got caught again.

" Now, young lady, said my grandmother, I told you; you could not have a biscuit because it will spoil your appetite for lunch, Now you go play and donít let me catch you in here again."

Back I went to my brother with the bad news. He wasnít ready to give up though and soon told me to try again. He said, "She wonít catch you this time if you be real quiet."

Silly me, I went back a third time. Grandmother heard me but decided to follow me, she had a suspicion my brother was putting me up to getting a biscuit for him because she knew how well he loved old cold biscuits.

Sure enough, I took the biscuit to my brother and she heard me tell him that I got away with it this time.

Thatís when she let us both have a good scolding. Him, for putting me up to it and me for doing it.



My grandmother had gone to visit my aunt who lived practically out our back door. My brother decided to rummage through the closet where she kept things stored. He found a roll of my grandfathers twine and decided to light a match to see if it would burn. It did.

I went running as fast as I could to tell my grandmother. By the time we got back, my grandfather had happened upon the scene and put out the fire before any damage was done. The only thing that caught on fire that day was the twine and the seat of my brothers pants.

 Golden memories from childhood.

 By Lora Cox ©2001

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