I loved my dad very much and I know he loved me and my brother but he didnít play as big a role in my life as my grandparents and my aunt did. And I donít really believe it was his fault. I think my dad loved us and wanted us with him so much that he married a woman he didnít really love, in order to give us a home so we could be with him.

I vaguely remember going to live with my dad and the step-witch ( that is not nice of me, I know, but that is what she was.) I wonít go into detail, I will just say the woman was not cut out to be a mother and I donít think she liked children.

The marriage didnít last long and thank God, we were returned to our grandmother.

Times were pretty hard back then and my dad had to find work where he could. He ended up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin which was a far distance from us in Arkansas. He wrote to us and I am sure he sent money to my grandmother.

When my aunt took all of us to live with her, my brother went to live with our dad. I sure missed him.

When I was twelve, he came down on the bus and took me back to Milwaukee with him. Iíll never forget the bus ride. We entered Chicago in the night time and even back then, in the mid-forty's, the lights of that big city were really something for a little country girl to see.

I stayed with my dad and brother for a year and went to school there. We lived in an apartment house on the corner . There was a church directly across the street and the school was across the street from the church. On the other corner there was a drug store, then a bakery and then a movie theater. I didnít get to go much further than those places unless my brother took me. I didnít like it at all. My dad worked the mid-night shift so I didnít get to see much of him.

I think my dad decided the big city was no place to raise a young girl and my grandparents, aunt and uncle came for me and took me back to the farm.

My dad died three years later when my brother was nineteen. My grandmother was ill and my aunt was busy with her and couldnít leave her. They did not want me to travel alone so my brother had all the arrangements to handle. At the age of nineteen that was a hard thing to cope with. He told me it was the hardest thing he ever had to do and I am sure it was.

The memories I have of my dad are that of a kind and loving father. I think he did what he thought was best for me. For that, I am grateful and love him all the more.

My dad never remarried again and I think he was a very lonely man all of his life after my mother died.

I donít know if my dad was saved or not. I am sure my mother was from the stories I heard about her. I pray they are together now.

David Riley True   1/03/1890-----6/16/1948



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