A Pocket Full Of Gold


The dining room was filled with teenage laughter and everyone was in a festive mood after having been served dessert. Vanity had opened all her birthday presents except the last one from her parents. Her father rose and gave a short speech, saying how proud he and his wife were of their daughter. How on this, her sixteenth birthday, she had grown into a beautiful young lady. As he removed a small velvet box from his pocket, Vanity had visions of a beautiful diamond ring she had expressed a desire for. However when she opened the box, there was a small gold cross on a golden chain. She was so disappointed, she barely heard her father describe how it was very rare and one of a kind, fashioned by a master craftsman of old. A true treasure. But, Vanity was rightly named, for this small cross of purest gold was much too plain for her liking.

A few blocks away, in another home, there was a celebration also, except there were no laughing teenagers, no stack of presents, no fancy table with desserts. Just Dawn and her only family. Mother, father and maternal grandmother. They had a simple meal with a simple dessert but her father rose to give a speech also, saying how very proud he and his wife were of their daughter who on her sixteenth birthday had grown into a very beautiful young lady. He then removed a small wooden box from his pocket and handed it to Dawn. She knew her parents were poor and she never really expected a gift. When she opened the box, there was a beautiful wooden cross, stained and polished, on a blue satin ribbon. She had never seen anything so beautiful because she knew it was one of a kind, fashioned by a master craftsman with loving hands as a gift for his daughter. Something very rare to be treasured.

Now it just so happened that Vanity and Dawn shared some of the same classes at school.

Vanity went about showing all the kids and teachers her cross, making sure to let them know just how rare and expensive it was.

At the same time, Dawn went about showing everyone her cross, telling them how it was one of a kind because her father had made it especially for her.

It was in gym class that Vanity caught sight of Dawns cross and chided her unmercifully. Saying it was a worthless piece of wood. Just a pocket full of sawdust.

This went on for days but Vanity never succeeded in her aim of shaming Dawn so finally gave up as Dawn proceeded to wear her cross with pride.

It was nearing the Easter season and the parents of one of the boys in Vanity’s group of friends were going away for the weekend and decided to leave him home alone, trusting him to be on his best behavior. So he and all of Vanity’s friends decided it would be a great time to have a party. They each took liquor from their parents homes and stashed it in the trunk of his car. When the weekend came, they were well prepared to do some heavy drinking. When they all arrived at his home, the liquor flowed like a river and needless to say they became quit inebriated. Someone suggested that they drive to the lake and do some midnight skinny dipping. They all agreed that would be a big hoot, so off they went in three separate cars.

Everything was going well till they reached a sharp turn in the road and the boy driving the car Vanity was in, lost control of the car and it plunged over the guard rail and down a deep ravine.

This sobered everyone up quite quickly and one of the boys in another car went for help. Everyone escaped with scrapes and bruises except for Vanity who was thrown through the windshield and a piece of the glass pierced her side. She was bleeding profusely.

By the time the ambulance arrived she had lost consciousness and was very pale.

At the hospital, after the doctors took over and her parents were called, it was decided that she would need a blood transfusion. She had a rare blood type which the hospital did not have, so her parents were typed and cross matched for a donor. It was then learned that Vanity had been adopted and her parents blood did not match.

The hospital called the local T. V. and radio stations to put out a bulletin for donors, asking everyone to come in and be typed.

Dawn heard the news and asked her father to take her to the hospital. Out of the twenty two people who came, Dawn was the only match and she willingly gave her blood to save Vanity.

Vanity’s parents offered Dawn a reward but she refused, saying she did not give her blood for a reward.

In a few days Vanity recovered and asked who had saved her life. When she was told it was Dawn, she confessed to her parents how mean she had been to Dawn and asked to see her.

When Dawn walked into the room, she gave Vanity a big smile, saying how good it was to see her looking like her old self. Vanity didn’t speak for a few minutes but gazed at Dawns cross. When she did speak, she told Dawn how much she appreciated what she did and asked her to come closer, she had something she wanted to give her.

She held out her hand and dropped her gold cross into Dawns hand.

Dawn said she could not take it as it was Vanity’s gift and she would never give up her wooden cross to wear the gold one. Then added with a smile, "It would just be a pocket full of gold dust." reminding Vanity what she had said about her wooden cross.

Vanity said, " Oh, please take it. I and my parents want you to have a reward of some kind and you won’t take money. What can we give you?"

Vanity’s father cut in and asked Dawn why she had been so generous to Vanity since she didn’t deserve any kindness after the way she had treated her.

Dawn replied, "Because someone once did the same for me. He not only gave His Life’s Blood but died for me and I didn’t deserve it either. It was a gift, freely given and I accepted it. If you can't accept my gift and feel you have to repay me, then please go with me to the Easter service at my church next Sunday. It’s a new church and we don’t have many members or even a Pastor yet. The members take turns filling in for the Pastor and this Sunday, my dad will do the honors. So I have been out recruiting, so to speak and it would make me very happy if you would come."

Vanity and her parents looked at each other, not believing what they had heard. It had been years since they had been to church. They were just too busy. But reluctantly, they agreed to go.

On Easter morning they all met outside the church and went in together. The service was beautiful, Dawn’s father did a wonderful job with the presentation of the Easter story. Vanity kept her eyes on a wooden cross that hung behind the altar and when the altar call was given she was first to go and kneel down, followed by her mother then her father. It was a beautiful service indeed.

After church was over, Dawns mother invited Vanity and her parents for dinner. They accepted and spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know each other.

When school resumed the following week, Vanity went about telling everyone about her new church and invited them all to come and visit. No one could believe the change that had come over her. She followed Dawn around like a baby chick follows its mother and they became the best of friends.

Vanity and her parents joined the little church and became quite active with helping it grow.

One day Vanity asked Dawn if she would ask her father to make a wooden cross for her to wear. One of a kind, because she wouldn’t have her gold cross anymore. She said, "I asked my dad if he would sell it and let me donate the money to the church. I thought he would be quite angry with me but he seemed to understand. Your wooden cross is much more beautiful. Besides, who needs a pocket full of gold when they have a heart  filled with the rarest gold that money can't buy? The kind that's fashioned by The Master Craftsman’s hand is a treasure beyond compare."

©By Lora Cox

Its Up To You


One song can spark a moment,

One flower can wake the dream.

One tree can start a forest,

One bird can herald spring.


One smile begins a friendship,

One handclasp lifts a soul.

One star can guide a ship at sea,

One word can frame the goal.


One vote can change a nation,

One sunbeam lights a room.

One candle wipes out darkness,

One laugh will conquer gloom.


One step must start each journey,

One word must start each prayer.

One hope will raise our spirits,

One touch can show you care.


One voice can speak with wisdom,

One heart can know what's true.

One life can make the difference,

You see, IT'S UP TO YOU!


Happy Easter

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