A True Story

I was working the night shift on the pediatric unit of one of our local hospitals when Sarah was brought to us. Such a beautiful seven month old girl, with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes. Beautiful even with the gaping hole in her upper lip. Her crying had ceased but the soul wrenching sobs continued.

Oh, how my heart went out to this child. I wondered how a father could deliberately take his pocket knife and do such a thing to his own precious child. Was he drunk, on drugs or just evil?  I also wondered where her mother was as no one had seen her. I knew her father had been taken into custody but where was her mother? Did she have other children at home that she couldn’t leave or did she not care? What kind of home did this child come from?

I was assigned the duty of caring for Sarah for the rest of my shift. I took her to her room and sat in the rocking chair. I sang softly as I rocked and she laid her head on my shoulder, still sobbing. I thought the sobs would never cease. Around four in the morning she finally fell asleep but the sobs continued. I continued to rock her, afraid that if I laid her in the crib she would wake and be frightened. I did eventually lay her down but kept my hand on her back for reassurance. Even in her deep sleep, the sobs continued.

I stayed with Sarah until my shift was over and someone was sent to take my place.

I had three days off and when I returned to work Sarah was gone. I never learned where she was taken and I wondered if she had been sent home or taken into protective custody.

Sarah would be about eighteen years old now and I still often wonder about her. I wonder if plastic surgery was done so as not to leave a scar on her beautiful face. I wonder even if there had been, would there still be the scars on her heart and soul. I wonder how she was raised, if she was sent back home to be abused, turned over to foster care or adopted. I wonder how many times she had nightmares of the trauma she suffered at the hand of someone who was supposed to love her. I wonder how she is doing, if she is happy or even if she has survived . I will never know but still I wonder. I pray the Lord has watched over her and she has grown into a fine young lady with no heart cries.

My heart cries for all the children of this world who are not loved the way they deserve and there are so very many. Please remember these children in your prayers.



My heart cries mommy and daddy
'cause I love you so much,
And you'll never know how I long
For your sweet loving touch.

I'm so small, weak and innocent
It's on you I have to rely
But it seems, mommy and daddy
You only make my heart cry.

My heart cries mommy and daddy
I'm so sorry if I'm bad,
If I cry too much, making you nervous
It's because you're always mad.

All I want and need is your love
Won't you at least try?
Please love  me, don't hurt me,
Please don't make my heart cry.
©Lora Cox



Midi "Tears For All The Children" is
used with permission 
and is copyright © 2001 Bruce DeBoer

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