A Special Friend

This page is for a very special lady. I know we have all met some dear friends on the internet but if I had never met anyone else, I would not  want to have missed  meeting this wonderful lady. She came to my rescue when I first started on my computer and hardly knew how to turn it on and send email. Back then, I only had my two boys and a niece to send mail to. I was afraid to get on the internet. One of my son's sent me this lady's site and I was so green, I was afraid to sign her guest book. She had a beautiful poem that I love and she stated she didn't know the author and if anyone knew who it was to please tell her. It just so happened that I knew who the author was. I believe I tackled the job of signing her guest book and leaving the authors name. Then, again, I don't remember exactly. I may have sent her an email. At any rate, she sent me an email thanking me for the information and we have been writing ever since.

This lady has a very beautiful site and I just fell in love with it. I wanted to have a site so bad but knew I could never begin to make it as beautiful as hers. When I told her this, she was just overflowing with support and inspiration. She even set up a practice site for me to work on html. She didn't know just how big of a dummy she had on her hands. And she scolds me for calling myself a dummy, so, I will probably hear about this.

Well, needless to say, I never learned the html and I know I bugged her to death. My son had a much easier way for me to learn to make pages. But that was no easy task either, for him or me. But I finally got my site up.

What I want to tell you is, this lady, has offered to do things for me before I even ask.  She has made beautiful backgrounds for me. Made an award for me to give out. Always doing  favors for me. And has given me much needed, very sound advise on other things. When I mentioned I was going to do a page for my brother, she went right to work on backgrounds. She made five of them for me to choose from. Then I told her I would really love to have my brothers cabin as a topper, so she had me send the picture and started all over. When I finally decided on the ones I wanted and downloaded them, I told her there was no logo to link back. She told me they were mine and I held the copyright. I can't let her do this no matter how happy it makes her, for it does make her happy to do things for me and everyone. That's just the way she is.  But, sorry. She not only made the backgrounds, she supplied the beautiful  music and the  words to the song.  Without all this my pages would not have been what I really wanted. And so, I appreciate it very much my dear and wonderful friend and I have to tell everyone about you.

A Special Friend

A special friend is someone
who will always mean so much,
Someone who will always care,
And always keep in touch.

A special friend can help you through
your very hardest days
Or brighten up the good times
with their caring, thoughtful ways.

That's why, of all the many joys
that life could ever send.
There is no greater treasure
Than a very special friend.
Author Unknown

Her name is Lin and her site is, Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet. It is a site just full of beautiful inspiration. Her other site is G and G Design. I have placed her links below, please give my beautiful, wonderful friend a visit. You will be blessed.

Thank You Lin, for being my Very Special Friend

I'm so sorry to say that Lin no longer has either of her beautiful sites.