Edgar A. Guest


When I first got my computer I would not venture out on to the web. I had heard too many stories about getting caught in the porno sites.

When I finally did take the step, I ran across a poetry site. It was one of those modern day poets. I am just old fashioned enough to think that while it doesn't have to rhyme, it does have to make some sense to me, or it is not poetry. Just my own opinion here.

Anyway, this person stated that they would rather eat spinach ( or something on that order) than to read a poem by Edgar Guest.

Thatís when my little mouse went click.

I am not saying that Edgar Guest is the greatest poet that ever lived. And I will be the first to say that some of his poetry is a little on the corny side.

You may have noticed that I have quite a few of his poems here on my site.

If you read his poetry, you will get to know this man.

He wrote from his heart and soul. You can not only see, but feel his love.

His love for home and family, for little children, for his country, all of nature, his fellowman and most importantly, his love for God and His Holy Word.

My dear friend Dottie, God bless her, gave me a book she found in a second hand store, The Collected Verse of Edgar A. Guest. It was copyrighted in 1934. It is a large sized book but it doesnít have all his poems in it.

So, I just want to give him a little recognition and say that I would rather read a poem by Edgar Guest than to eat spinach ( or something on that order) any time.

Here are the last four lines of the poem, I BELIEVE, by Edgar Guest. I think they say what kind of man he was. I could find well over a hundred poems to use as an example, I just happen to be a little fond of this one.

My faith is founded on the years and all that I have seen,

Something of God Iíve looked upon no matter where Iíve been.

Within a swamp but yesterday a lily smiled at me

And only God could place it there to bloom for me to see.

Edgar Albert Guest

Born, August 20, 1881--Birmingham, Warwickshire, Eng.

Died, August 5, 1959-- Detroit, Mi.